• Amanda Amey

Are you processing Annual leave correctly?

If not, this can be a costly mistake.

IN XERO leave taken by employees must be processed the correct way or else the leave you pay them, may not be deducted from their leave entitlement. (A happy employee, but a costly mistake to you)

If you simply just add a Leave line (like you would add overtime in a payrun) you may be potentially paying them leave without deducting it from their entitlement.

Remember too, that leave loading is applied to most awards at 17.5%, so if leave loading applies to your award, the leave rate should in affect, be 17.5% more than their normal rate. (as it includes both the annual leave and loading)

To correctly process an employee’s leave, you need to SUBMIT and approve A LEAVE REQUEST, and then when you do the pay run that includes the leave dates, you will see the annual leave line is already completed.

Submit a leave request

  1. In the Payroll menu, select Leave.

  2. Click New Leave Request.

  3. Select the employee.

  4. Enter details for the leave request. If you're not sure about the end date for your employee's leave, enter a date that falls far in the future. Once you know the end date, return to the leave request and update this field.

  5. Click Approve.

Check how much leave your employee is entitled to

  1. In the Accounting menu, select Reports.

  2. Under Payroll, select Leave Balances.

  3. From Employees, select All or Individual. If you choose Individual, select a specific employee.

  4. In the Effective Date field, select the date you want to report on.

  5. From Leave Type, select All to report on all leave types, or select a specific leave type.

  6. Click Update.

If you have any further questions, or need help please give me a call